Data Flow Landscapes

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Data Flow Landscapes [4mins09]

Having received the trace route data from my volunteers from various locations around the world, it was possible to plot this data on a map to discover the route that Internet data would take to circumnavigate the globe in the wake of the Nao Victoria. Yet when looking at a map I find that it is easy to forget the scale of the world, and also to relate pin points to real locations.
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Nao Victoria: The Journey III

‘Nao Victoria: The Journey III’ 2011 by Rosamund Garrett

Nao Victoria: The Journey II

‘Nao Victoria: The Journey II’ 2011 by Rosamund Garrett

Nao Victoria: The Journey I

‘Nao Victoria: The Journey I’ 2011 by Rosamund Garrett

Where Two Paths Meet

‘Where Two Paths Meet: The Nao Victoria/Commercial Flight’ 2011 by Rosamund Garrett

This image demonstrates the respective paths taken by the Nao Victoria on the original journey between 1519 and 1522, and a possible contemporary route following the same key locations but travelling by commercial airline.