Data Flow Drawings

The idea of initiating trace routes has made me reconsider the boundaries of drawing. Whilst trying to recreate the route undertaken by the Nao Victoria I have felt as though I have been discovering the drawing rather than shaping it. This has been an unusual, but interesting approach for me.

It has also caused me to consider the Internet itself as a medium for drawing using the IP addresses of individual computers. Though Internet data does not flow in straight lines or reliably in the direction that you want it to flow in, I think with close study of Internet routes it would be possible to start to form very simple drawings. Of course this would involve people from all over the world much like my current project; perhaps a digital artist collective. Alternatively it could be undertaken by one person but with a lot of air miles!

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36°47’12.99″N, 6°21’32.88″W

Digital mock up of ‘League Degrees’ by Rosamund Garrett


’36°47’12.99″N, 6°21’32.88″W’, or ‘League Degrees’ is multi-site specific contemporary art installation proposal by Rosamund Garrett linked to the Virtually Nao project.

There will be eighteen locations around the world based upon the original journey of the Nao Victoria. All locations will be thoroughly researched and will be based upon where the Nao Victoria would have dropped anchor along the route. Each location will have an identical full-scale ships anchor placed onto the sea bed. On the shank of each anchor will be de-bossed letters of the co-ordinate of the subsequent location along the route. Thus the anchor placed in the bay of Sanlùcar de Barrameda will show the co-ordinates of the location of the anchor in the bay of Tenerife.

The locations of the anchors will not be released. As such the only way to discover their exact whereabouts would be to seek them in order, thus retracing the route of the Nao Victoria. It is anticipated that the global community would work together, using the Internet to share their discovered information of the co-ordinates, thus creating global connections. It is also anticipated that the sculptures would slowly change due to the impact of time and their different environments, causing each to become unique, differing from their original casting process, and slowly obscuring the co-ordinates. Perhaps some of the sculptures would become lost, only to be rediscovered by chance. The sculpture would draw upon themes of globalisation, global connectivity and co-operation, time, expeditions and the extent of human endeavours.