Katie Paterson, Artist. Art & Science.

On this site I have posted a lot about the links between art and technology, but of course there are also fascinating possibilities between art and science. Katie Paterson, a well established artist who luckily for us frequently visits Edinburgh College of Art, creates astounding works based upon the cosmos. Throughout the ECA Degree Show 2011 many people have drawn links between my work and that of various artists, but I would say that it is the graceful and mind blowing work of Paterson that has probably inspired me the most, that and my boyfriend Jon, who is an IT geek. The idea of collaboration and crossing boundaries between subjects is certainly of great interest to me.

The image above is of Paterson’s work entitled ‘Earth-Moon-Earth’. Here’s a description of it in her own words:

‘E.M.E (Earth-Moon-Earth) is a form of radio transmission whereby messages are sent in Morse code from earth, reflected from the surface of the moon, and then received back on earth. The moon reflects only part of the information back – some is absorbed in its shadows, ‘lost’ in its craters. Returning to earth ‘fragmented’ by the moon’s surface, it has been re-translated into a new score, the gaps and absences becoming intervals and rests. In the exhibition space the new ‘moon–altered’ score plays on a self-playing grand piano.’

You can hear an extract from E.M.E. on her website here. Her website is well worth a look, as it’s full of inspiring and beautiful projects that cross the boundaries between art, science and technology. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more of her work.

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