Building a Museum of Museums on the Web

Museums are always trying new methods to increase their access, but now with one incredible idea by Amit Sood which has been developed by Google, the world’s greatest art from the world’s greatest museums is going global. Known as Google Art Project, it is now possible to glide effortlessly through museum corridors using the same technology as Google Street View. Want to know more about a particular work? All the information is cleanly laid out on the right hand side should you choose to click on it. Want to see that tiny little figure at the back of a distant background that just looks like a blur? Zoom right in to see the tiniest of details, the individual fibres of the brush strokes and the cracks in the varnish.

Having also studied art history, I truly believe that this has the possibility to revolutionise the subject. There have been many a painting that I could only study from a small reproduction in a book because the museum was on another continent. Now with the expansion of Google Art Project we will be able to see paintings better than our own eyes. See for yourself. Google Art Project.

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