Information is Beautiful

This is an image taken from the website Information is Beautiful, a stunning website full of fantastic visualisations of the statistics of the world we live in. If you hear the word ‘statistics’ and completely switch off, I can assure you that that won’t be the case with this website. I’ll let David describe it in his own words, which are from his website:

‘I’m David McCandless, a London-based author, writer and designer. I’ve written for The Guardian, Wired and others. I’m into anything strange and interesting. These days I’m an independent data journalist and information designer. A passion of mine is visualizing information – facts, data, ideas, subjects, issues, statistics, questions – all with the minimum of words. I’m interested in how designed information can help us understand the world, cut through BS and reveal the hidden connections, patterns and stories underneath. Or, failing that, it can just look cool!’

And his visualisations certainly do look very cool indeed. His website is well worth a look, both for its informative nature and striking designs. He even has a book published called Information is Beautiful which is certainly worth getting out of the library, but really it’s the kind of book you’d like to have in your collection. It has certainly been an inspiration to me.


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