Can Art Change The World?

Maybe… One image at a time, but small things can make a big difference. My favourite kind of art is the kind that causes you to make connections, whether that is a connection to the world around you, to another person, to an idea or ideal or simply to your self. Making small connections can really make big changes. In fact I think I must be so keen on this because I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before.

Anyway, this video is from one of my favourite websites… no, not YouTube (although that is pretty good too), but TED. If you haven’t heard of TED (Technology, Education, Design) then I absolutely insist that you go to this website immediately. TED’s slogan is ‘Ideas Worth Spreading: Riveting Talks By Remarkable People, Free To The World’. The talks aren’t usually longer than 20 minutes, they are on every subject imaginable (from beat boxing to neuroscience, happiness to climate change), they are easy to follow and some of the talks are life changing. Really, it is that good.

This particular video shows a French artist that I really admire known as JR, who undertakes global projects that really get involved with the local communities. All of his projects are remarkable, but it’s projects such as ‘Face to Face’ that really might change the world. I’m interested to know what you think.


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