Map My Tracks

Jon recently acquired a GPS logger so that we could track our kayaking trips, but I thought I would bully him into using it for the project, so here is our first test! We’re both from Canterbury in Kent, but I live in Edinburgh so above you can see an image of the flight we both regularly take from Kent International Airport to Edinburgh Airport.

Using Jon’s GPS logger with a web app called Map My Tracks we’re able to discover the average speed of the flight, the distance and elevation etc. The route is animated, so as you replay the route you can watch the figures such as altitude and speed change with the journey. To watch the route I recommend speeding up the play back (which you can do by changing the x1 at the bottom left to a higher figure).

It’s particularly interesting changing the window to satellite view and zooming in. When the plane reaches the airport you can watch the landing and even see which bay the plane parks in.

To see the Edinburgh – Kent Intl flight click here.
To see the Kent Intl – Edinburgh flight click here.

If you would like to map your own tracks you can buy a GPS logger. The one that we used is the i-GotU Bluetooth GPS Logger. You can use this in conjunction with Map My Tracks.



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