Around The World in 60 Minutes

This clip from the BBC documentary ‘Around The World in 60 Minutes’ features Anglo-American astronaut Piers Sellers talking about his first ever walk in space. The documentary itself is an interesting concept, following the journey of a satellite around the world in 60 minutes at the pace of about 5 miles per second. The documentary selects locations around the world that the satellite passes over, highlighting the discoveries about the world that have been facilitated by satellites and space exploration, as well as some rather remarkable geography.

As an aside, it was Piers Sellers who took the University of Edinburgh’s flag into space. He has also taken the university’s crest which is sewn into the Geneva Bonnet, a bonnet apparently made from John Knox’s breeches that is used to cap students on the head as they graduate, including myself this year on the 29th of June if I play my cards right! Due to this tradition the students from the University of Edinburgh do not wear mortar boards to their graduations, unlike most British universities.

Virtually Nao Appears in the Canarian Weekly

Below you can see the article written for the Canarian Weekly by the editor Ruth Summers, who also happens to be one of our volunteers. You can visit the website of the Canarian Weekly by clicking here.

Virtually Nao Appears in The Student

Virtually Nao also appeared in The Student, Edinburgh University’s student newspaper in March in the culture section. To visit The Student’s website click here.

Virtually Nao Appears in the Wee Red Herring

Virtually Nao has appeared in the March edition of Edinburgh College of Art’s student newspaper the Wee Red Herring. You can pick up a copy of the Herring from ECA on Lauriston Place in Edinburgh.

The following advert was placed in the paper:


I would have loved to have been able to have gone to this Dialogues event. The concept of collaborating with different industries, be that scientific, technological or other areas can produce remarkable and fascinating work that can be beneficial to both artist and industry. I hope that more events such as this will be organised in the future. To view the Northern Arts and Science Network website click here.

The Route by Commercial Airline II


Above is an image of the route by commercial airline. In the cases where more than one airline was used in one country, the most frequently used airliner is shown. Click on the image to see an enlarged version.

Image created using Adobe Illustrator by Rosamund Garrett

Where Two Paths Meet

‘Where Two Paths Meet: The Nao Victoria/Commercial Flight’ 2011 by Rosamund Garrett

This image demonstrates the respective paths taken by the Nao Victoria on the original journey between 1519 and 1522, and a possible contemporary route following the same key locations but travelling by commercial airline.