Human Planet

Human Planet. Jaw-dropping camera work from the BBC about the incredible people in the incredible world that we live in. I must say that I’m more than happy to pay my TV licence if this is what the BBC can come up with! Keep it up!


The Incredible Human Journey

The Incredible Human Journey. This BBC popular documentary by Dr Alice Roberts (which is also a book), shows new evidence of migratory routes taken by the first group of people out of Africa, the journeys they took and the challenges they faced in order to populate the continents.


Encounters at the End of the World

Encounters at the End of the World. This is perhaps one of the most sublime documentaries I have ever seen, and I don’t use that word lightly. Few people are allowed to film in Antarctica, and  I’ve heard that James Cameron was refused to film there due to the unsustainable size of the film crew he needed. Personally, I much prefer Werner Herzog’s minimal approach to Cameron’s big budget, big production style. For this documentary, Herzog chose simply to bring himself and his cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger. This documentary encapsulates the awesome wilderness of Antarctica, and is a deeply moving study of the human condition.

Brian Perkin’s Version of the BBC’s Shipping Forecast

Click here to listen to Brian Perkin’s version of the BBC’s shipping forecast. (For those outside of the UK or unfamiliar with the original shipping forecast, you might want to tune in to BBC Radio 4 at 00.48 UK time on FM or LW to get the joke!).

Heart of the Great Alone Exhibition Review

To read my review of the Heart of the Great Alone exhibition, click on the image above. If you get the chance, I thoroughly recommend going to see it at Buckingham Palace this summer.

The Heart of the Great Alone

The Heart of the Great Alone was an incredible exhibition, and the catalogue is equally as well presented. The exhibition displays photographs by Scott’s photographer, Herbert Ponting, and Shackleton’s photographer, Frank Hurley, on their respective groundbreaking voyages to the Antarctic. The exhibition was shown in the Queen’s Gallery in the Palace of Holyrood House in Edinburgh, in 2010, and will be shown in the The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London in 2011. For more information, click here.

The Tigris Expedition

This is one of the many books by the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl. This book is an account of his endeavour to build and sail a reed boat in order to demonstrate that trade and migration could have linked Mesopotamia with the Indus Valley civilisation. This ship, the Tigris, was built in Iraq and sailed down into the Persian Gulf, and finally into the Red Sea, where it was purposefully burnt in protest of the wars raging on either side of the Red Sea. ISBN 978-0006545316.